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The Best YouTube Converter

MP3Now is a platform that allows you to convert YouTube videos to audio or video formats. With a few easy steps you will get an MP3, MP4 or 3GP file ready to listen offline. Our website is easy to use, no software installation required, completely free and unlimited downloads.

How to convert YouTube videos?

Step 1: Copy and Paste YouTube video URL into the search bar
Step 2: Click "Convert" then wait a moment
Step 3: Choose MP3/ MP4 file quality then click "Download"
Step 4: Wait until the downloading completed, then enjoy the video/audio offline anytime from your device.

Why use MP3Now Converter?

Simple and convenient

Download video and audio files to your device with just a few simple steps, no need to register an account or install software.

Supports all platforms and browsers

We support converting and downloading on any mobile device, tablet, PC and on any browser like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Android Browser, Edge...

Always free and unlimited

You can download MP3 and MP4 files with the highest quality for free and unlimited.

Secure connection

Our website does not collect data or request users to provide any personal information.


How do I convert YouTube videos on my phone?

Step 1: Access or open the YouTube App on your device

Step 2: Copy the YouTube video link you want to convert to MP3 file

Step 3: Access in your browser and click the "YouTube Converter" tab

Step 4: Paste the YouTube video link into the search bar and then click "Convert"

Step 5: Select thecexpected MP3 or MP4 file's quality and then click "Download"

What file formats are supported for download?

We support downloading MP4, 3GP for video and MP3 for audio.

Is there a limit to the number of converted files?

Unlimited. You can convert and download as many files as you want from our website

Where are downloaded files saved?

Find them in the "Downloads" folder on your computer or "Download History" folder on your web browser. For Android devices, search in the app "My Files" or "File Manager". For iOS devices, you can look in the "Files" folder to open downloaded files.